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Director Tutorials
I've arranged these tutorials in 3 categories depending on the level of expertise required. Throughout, I adopt consistent working methods based on commercial practice rather than use methods which might work in a particular instance, but would not scale well to more complex applications or team working. Scripting is in Javascript (rather than Lingo) so that principles can be more easily transferred between Director and Flash.
Beginner level tutorials
These tutorials are aimed at those who are new to Director. They look at the Director authoring interface, simple animation, working with text and using behaviors.
Intermediate level tutorials
These tutorials assume that you are confident with animating and working with images video and sounds in Director, but now want to go further and incorporate scripting to build interactive multimedia products that are more complex and individual.
Advanced level tutorials
These tutorials assume that you are confident in writing and understanding JavaScript and now want to learn how to produce code to a commercial standard, both in terms of techniques and working practices.

This page was last updated on 16th January 2009