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Beginner Flash tutorials
These tutorials introduce the Flash authoring environment and show you some key skills such as animation, making buttons and using text.
Introduction to Flash
This tutorial looks at the Flash authoring environment - the most important windows and tools. It shows how Flash builds up complex layered images and how to use the drawing tools.
Simple Animation in Flash
This tutorial looks at the Library and simple animation techniques in Flash affecting motion and shape. You will learn how to move things around and use multiple copies of a graphic.
Text in Flash
In this tutorial I cover using text in Flash. As well as setting the size and font type, it also looks at more advanced animation techniques using text.
Making buttons in Flash
Making button is one of the core skills in Flash and yet is can be confusing. This tutorial shows you how to create a multi-state button that reacts to the mouse.

This page was last updated on 2nd June 2008