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These are a selection of essays and shorter pieces I've written which have never become academic papers, but may still be worth making available.
Buying and Selling in Second Life (2008)
This short piece looks at the software infrastructure that supports commerce in Second Life. It was an attempt to assist a larger research effort, led by Tracy Harwood at the IOCT, into the contractual nature of transactions in virtual worlds.
The Learner and the Machine: The Ideology of ICT in Education (2004)
This essay was written in 2004 for an assignment on the Cert Ed (Post Compulsory) course at the Institute of Education, University of London. It looks at the relationships between ideology and technology and then examines the adoption of ICT in UK education, together with associated Government policies, to attempt to uncover the ideological basis of ICT promotion for use in Education. It then suggests some strategies that teachers and lecturers may adopt when using ICT in their practice.

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