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Narcissus (2007)

still from narcissus(click image for preview)

Created with Andrew Greaves
Technical details Digital Animation and Sound, Size 1280 x 720 PAL HD
Duration 12 minutes
Premiere 14th December 2008, The Horse Hospital, London
Programme note
A complex abstract form, at once metallic and machined yet also disturbingly organic (particularly in the multiple profiles it presents to the viewer), moves purposefully within a three dimensional reflective environment. This is not an empty environment, rather the whole piece is ominous, populated with objects unseen except through their reflections. We have a sense of being in a corner, perhaps a temporarily safe corner, of a much larger world extending in all directions from that we observe.

The ‘action’ involves the interplay and penetration by the object with/of the defining limits of the environment; with the highly reflective, yet paradoxically fluid representations of the way conventional (and virtual) space is mapped and bounded. As the object immerses itself in the fabric of dimensionality, it questions and tests the concepts of empirical, measured certainty; it exposes the essential propensity for liminality in even the most stable of systems. That there is a feeling that at any moment the out-side could in-trude is perhaps only to be expected… (IW)
Further details Andrew Greaves' site entry for Narcissus:

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