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Peyps' Pipe (2008)

still from Peyps' Pipe(click image for preview)

Created with Andrew Greaves
Technical details Digital Animation and Sound, Size 1280 x 720 PAL HD
Duration 11 minutes
Premiere 14th December 2008, The Horse Hospital, London
Programme note
The visual material for this piece concentrates on a hole; a viewpoint into what seems a richer and intensely vibrant environment that the viewer never really gets to observe. As a (token) consolation, an elegant disc emerges and briefly taunts the viewer with reflections and echoes of the vibrant world beyond.

The piece casts the viewer as a voyeur; an observer whose entire experience must, of necessity, be on the one hand vicarious and unsatisfying, yet also pervaded by a knowledge of the possibility of something better. Perception itself is cast as a subversive drama suffused with the constant awareness of the impossibility of satisfaction in the here and now together with an unshakable knowledge that the objects of desire are both tangible and near at hand. (IW)
Further details
Andrew Greaves' site entry for Peyps' Pipe:

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