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Rorrim (2006)

still from rorrim (click image for preview)

Created with Andrew Greaves
Technical details Digital Animation and Sound, Size 720 x 576 PAL 4:3
Duration 24 minutes
Premiere 30th September 2006, All Ears Contemporary Music Festival at the Warehouse, London
Programme note
The mirror reversed; forcing the onlooker to confront the personal voyeuristic fantasies that are projected upon the revealed image. Rorrim inhabits the liminal space between representation and recognition; it is an interior drama of revelation and reflection in which the viewer sees only their own constructing (and constructed) gaze rather than the visage (visual surface) behind which such processes are normally hidden from conscious view.

The soundtrack reflects this interiority; most events are placed in the centre of the stereo range as if they were emanating from within the viewer's head. They are perhaps the accompaniment to contemplation rather than adjuncts of the graphic phenomena. (IW)
Further details Andrew Greaves' site entry for Rorrim:

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