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WG (2002)

still from wg(click image for preview)

Created with Andrew Greaves
Technical details Digital Animation and Sound, Size 640 x 480 PAL
Duration 7 minutes
Premiere 1st July 2002, Kunst Museum, Dortmund, Germany
Programme note
WG (War Games) is not a piece of digital agit-prop; it is as much (and as little) an abstract work as any other product of our collaboration.

Having said this, if it has a sense of distance and isolation, and (particularly in the sombre, shadowy last section) a feeling almost of being a documentation of vanishing - a memorial, it is perhaps only to expected in these times of obsessive state violence. (IW)

The subject is my response to September 11 and is a reminder that not all tragedies have to be spectacular; often subtle happenings can and do change our lives in radical ways.(AG)
Further details Andrew Greaves' site entry for WG:

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