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The Book of Density (1997)

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Instrumentation bass clarinet, bassoon and piano
Duration 8 minutes
Premiere 8th July 1997, Trio Mobile, Holzbläser-Festival, Hamelner Lockruf, Hameln, Germany
Programme note
The materials and processes of this piece arise directly from the character and capabilities of the ensemble - its capacity for very low pitch events, its ability to project an unwavering and grave sense of purpose.

I chose very deliberately to make a work that was not in any sense 'light'. The piece is suffused with heaviness, displaying a sense of inflexible, unremitting rigour that is both emotional and technical. At the same time, it is also music of real extremes, of violent compression and unnerving, yet exhilarating, instability.

The Book of Density was commissioned and first performed by Trio Mobile.

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