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The Book of Maps (1994)

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InstrumentationPiano and Percussion
Duration12 minutes
31st July 1994, James Avery and Steven Schick, Internationales Ferienkurse, Darmstadt, Germany.
Programme note
A Book of Maps was originally going to be called A First Book of Maps until I realised that dropping the 'first' from the title retained the potential for further works whilst removing any absolute commitment to them.

What is retained from this dilemma in the present piece is the notion of an unlimited number of arbitrary and non self-contradictory routes through an 'Area' (geographical, textural, temporal), of different scaling operations projected obsessively upon the same domain (or sub-sets thereof) and the potentially massive accretion of detail.

A Book of Maps was written for James Avery and Steven Schick and was first performed by them on 31st July 1994 at the Darmstadt International Ferienkurse für Neue Musik.
RecordingFeatured on Trio SurPlus - edition zeitklang - ez-60008

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